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Driveway Discipleship

Small, safe groups to grow in Christ.

As small, safe in-person interactions become possible we are offering opportunities for people at CrossPointe to connect with each other and Christ. We have all deeply missed the gift of physical presence and are longing to experience being with each other again. The health risk caused by COVID-19 is still urgent and, as a church, we are seeking to be safe and informed. Yet as local and national officials begin to allow smaller in-person meetings we are following their lead in ways that are safe, flexible and gracious.

Starting June 7 we will be offering Driveway Discipleship, groups for people to connect through presence, relationships and God's word. These will be informal, gender specific, groups of 3-5 adults (children will not be allowed) who will meet (6ft. apart) outside of homes one evening a week, every other week, 5 times over the summer months. Female groups will meet on one week, and male groups on the next to cut down on evenings couples may be out.

Our hope is that through these groups we can begin to enjoy each other's physical presence, share our struggles and joys, and pray through a psalm together to shape our hearts around the words God's people, and Christ himself, have prayed during their most challenging times.

We know that within our community there are various levels of comfort regarding meeting in-person. Attending one of these groups may put you at risk of contracting COVID. If these groups are not something you're comfortable with yet, please know that is okay! If you are interested in signing up for a group, please fill out the info below and we will get you into a group!