The Mishpat Project

seeing Jesus' Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven

The Vision

What if you could ensure that kids from under-resourced neighborhoods in our community are resourced with food, mentorship, and discipleship in the gospel every single Saturday?

What if you could help bring restoration and healing for a woman who has been rescued from sex trafficking? To give her a safe place to live for the next 12-18 months. A place where she will be ministered to emotionally, physically psychologically, and spiritually by a team that is committed to Jesus and His gospel. 

What if you could help create an even more effective environment for the gospel being preached and Jesus being worshipped on Sunday mornings, while also benefiting the community the other 6 days of the week?

Welcome to The Mishpat Project

The Mishpat Project is about these “what ifs” becoming reality by your prayerful participation. 

Mishpat is the Hebrew word for justice that shows up over 200 times in the Old Testament. It’s the idea of actively pursuing the right ordering of things.

We as CrossPointe want to intentionally and actively bring Mishpat by partnering together with 3 organizations in our community. Not only that, we have an outside organization that has agreed to do some phenomenal fund matching so that they too can help bring mishpat (right ordering) to Central Florida. 

The righteous are those who are willing to disadvantage themselves to the advantage of their community; the wicked are those who are willing to disadvantage the community to advantage themselves. 

-Bruce Waltke

Will you disadvantage yourself for the advantage of others?


Orlando Children's Church

$2,500 raised results in $10,000 (because of a 3:1 matching grant) 

With this money you will be making it possible to cover the costs for an entire group of kids, from an under-resourced neighborhood, to be bussed in, fed, invested in, and discipled in the gospel each Saturday for an entire year. A group of kids will never be the same because of your generosity! 

This is MISHPAT. 

Samaritan Village

$10,000 raised results in $40,000 (because of a 3:1 matching grant)

With this money you will be making it possible for one woman to receive comprehensive treatment for an entire year with Samaritan Village as she recovers from the abuse of sex trafficking. She has been a slave and she needs a safe and nurturing environment where her life can begin to be properly reordered. This treatment includes housing, food, and holistic, trauma-informed care in a family-like environment with fellow residents and staff. 

This is MISHPAT.

Winter Park YMCA

$27,500 raised results in $55,000 (because of a 1:1 matching grant)

With this money you will help us strengthen our partnership with the Winter Park YMCA by providing them and us some permanent audio and video equipment in the gymnasium. 

Not only will this serve the YMCA, as they will be able to utilize the equipment for classes throughout the week, it ties to a bigger vision for us as CrossPointe Winter Park. 

Let me explain…

We love our partnership with the Winter Park YMCA, and we have untapped evangelistic opportunities as the community literally shows up to the space in droves throughout the week. Furthermore, though we are not against having our “own” church building to use on Sunday and throughout the week, we feel increasingly convicted that God has more for us at the YMCA. We get to partner with them, hold services with great kids and connections space, all the while staying lean as it pertains to our facility budget. This leanness allows us to be more invested in other areas as a church. We are blessed to not be “facility poor” and we feel like the arrangement we have with the Winter Park YMCA for services, and The Branch for mid-week, is an amazing gift and responsible stewardship. 

So, back to the audio and video equipment. Though you may share in the belief that gathering at the YMCA is good stewardship, meeting in a gymnasium has it’s challenges. We believe these audio/visual items will help us create a better environment for our worship gathering and more effectively point our community to Jesus. For the majority of people, this service will be the front door to their deeper connection with Jesus and CrossPointe Winter Park and we want to do our best to make the experience one where they can focus on Jesus and the Word of God with minimal distractions. We want more people to be informed and transformed by the power of the gospel, for the glory of God. 

This is MISHPAT. 

Grow & Go


The Mishpat Project is about more than giving financially. It's also about growing in our awareness and understanding of where injustice exists and how we can seek to bring Mishpat. To that end we have three opportunities to participate in over the next few months:

1) The Gospel & Race Equip Night - February 11

2) Samaritan Village Prayer Night - February 28

3) Christianity Explored Class - coming Spring 2018


We also want to more fully embrace our call to GO and make disciples.

  • Practically we are asking people to commit to bringing one new visitor with them to a Sunday service this year.
  • We are also looking for people committed to pray that Jesus would bring us 5 new adult visitors per week.
  • We are praying for more volunteers to serve with Orlando Children's Church and Samaritan Village.
  • Lastly, we are looking for people interested in helping form an Outreach Team (simply mark your interest and we will follow up with you to discuss various opportunities).


What is the total amount we are seeking to raise?


Is it feasible our church to raise that amount of money?

Though it will involve sacrifice, the elders believe our congregation can give this amount above and beyond regular tithes. Our monthly operating budget is just under $42,000 per month. One helpful way to approach your giving commitment is to calculate what you give each month, and then commit to giving that amount one additional time in 2018. If all of our regular givers did this, we would reach our $40,000 goal. And remember, this $40,000 will translate to $105,000 with the matching grants!

What if we don't raise the full amount, what initiative will take priority?

We will start with and prioritize Orlando Children's Church and Samaritan Village due to the fact that we have a 3:1 match on those initiatives and because we can adjust the scope of our AV project with the Winter Park YMCA.