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Online Service Info and Connect Card

Hey there! If this is your first time joining us at CrossPointe Winter Park, we want you to feel at home. No matter your background or current situation, just know that this is a safe place, and we’re so glad to have you have found us online. It’s our hope that you will find CrossPointe Winter Park an opportunity to explore the truth claims of Christianity and be transformed by the power of the Gospel. 

We also want you to know that even though we can't meet in person, there's a place at CrossPointe Winter Park that's perfect for you. Church is so much more than just a Sunday service. And if you're ready to get connected to our church, the best way to do that is to fill out the form below.

As you scroll down you will find information that will be helpful for connecting and worshipping at CrossPointe Winter Park. Thanks for checking out CrossPointe Winter Park! It would be our honor to serve you and help you get connected.