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Politics Equip Class

Oct 6, 13 | Online

This presidential campaign feels like a significant turning point in our lives. A pressing on or a complete turnaround.

Or is it? Should this election have any bearing on your relationship with Christ? And, even more importantly over the next few weeks, how should Christians think and act around politics in the first place? All-in or disengaged? Fearful or triumphant? Forceful or passive? Loud or quiet? Christians in America have wrestled since our founding with how faith influences (if it even should?) votes. In the divided age we live in, the stakes feel higher than ever. The good news though, is in Jesus we find clarity and grace to live politically during a confusing and divisive election.

Over two nights we will explore how politics speaks to our hopes and our hearts. We will not tell you who or what to vote for, but rather will provide biblical grounding in an effort to shape our political thoughts around the gospel.

Each class will be interactive, virtual and 60 minutes long. We would love for you to join us and see how God's policies of grace and mercy shape both how we vote and love other voters as we all await the return of Christ our King.

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