In-Person Services Return Beginning September 27! Learn More

Welcome Back Team

We need YOUR HELP!

As we hope to resume in-person worship in the near future, we realize that an effort like this can’t happen without the time and energy of a team of volunteers, serving Sundays for the sake of the gospel in our community. CrossPointe has always been blessed with a rich culture of volunteer serving and we need you now more than ever as we look toward gathering again at the YMCA to hear, praise and savor Jesus.

To host a Sunday worship service with new safety restrictions we will need a team of volunteers able to serve as often as comfortable in various areas across the Sunday morning service. As a church, we will commit to ensuring your safety to the best of our ability and nurturing your spiritual and emotional health as you serve. We do not have immediate spots we’re asking to fill, instead we are reaching out to simply ask, “are you in?”

As you think this through, here are a couple questions you may have:

Do you have a specific date in mind to resume at the YMCA?

No, as of now we are first gathering a team of volunteers.

Can I bring my kids when I serve?

Unfortunately, though children will be able to attend the service, we will not allow them at the pre and post service volunteers teams.

Will I have to miss the service?

Nope, volunteers will also be able to attend the service!

Will this be safe?

Yes! We are committed to provide safe, socially distanced volunteer opportunities.

We know that there are many in our church right now for whom serving on a Sunday is not possible. You have a health condition, are in an at risk age group or have family members whom you need to keep safe. We also know that for some of you, serving right now is not practical. Either your work schedule or family stage create a barrier to you being able to help us regather at the YMCA. And there are more still for whom serving on a Sunday would not be prudent. There are various levels of comfort around group gatherings right now and we want to be as gracious as possible to anyone who doesn’t yet feel ready to in a group setting. There is no shame, only the love of Christ.

However, if you are able and comfortable to serve on a Sunday morning in the near future, we really need you. Would you serve with us on a Sunday morning to help us welcome back our church and community to share the message of Christ?